Blog Series: Blogging in His Light, 2nd Blogoversary

2nd Blogoversary


Today, my blog turns two! Two years of thinking about topics as I drove to school or work. Two years of becoming a pseudo photographer. Two years of spending absurdly long times writing one blog post. Two years of commitment to my own creative space. Two years of community.

When I first started blogging, it was a solitary activity. I had family and friends who commented on the blog. I had a few subscribers. Yet, I desired to be in a writer/blogger community. I needed to be able to converse with other writers about life and faith. Upon a friend’s recommendation, I joined Instagram. Afterwards, I decided to sign up with Twitter. Then, I tweeted something like “Where are all the Christian bloggers? I’d love to connect with you.” My online community increased. I virtually met several gifted writers. And I admired these women for being honest in a world that often lacks connection.

Unfortunately, we all move around very quickly in our daily lives. Sometimes, we forget to even eat our lunches. We toggle around from app to app on our phones. We are tired, but we still keep trudging through our activities. Yet, the writers and the storytellers create a revelatory piece. They write something that makes us ponder our own situations

In honor of my second blogoversary, I decided to approach the day differently. It would not only be a celebration of my blog, but of all faith-filled blogs. I would congratulate the storytellers for the work that they have been doing online. I would be curious and ask them to answer deep questions. I would be humbled by their thoughtful answers.

These storytellers started their own blogs when they could no longer block God’s voice. Their writing was needed in the blogosphere, and God planned to use them to uplift society. I have been encouraged by the triumphs they have shared and their resilience throughout the pain. I have been refreshed by their kindness towards me. They have urged me to keep on writing, and they’ve highlighted my positivity.

Community. It’s so unusual that I found a writing/blogger online. Yet, I am blessed by the sisterhood. Hopefully, I can meet some of these powerhouses in real life someday.

Now, I’m going to share some nuggets that I garnered from my seven interviews with Christian writers/bloggers:

Interview #1 with Nicole: “I love that blogging is healing and therapeutic. It is an outlet for my deepest longings and feelings. I have went through some hard times and blogging has helped to heal me from deep pain while going through them.”

Interview #2 with Naomi: “Put God first in all that you do even with blogging. Being genuine goes a long way. Do not get caught up with quantity or the numbers but the quality of what you do.”

Interview #3 with Mia: “Writing is a gift and not everyone has the ability to string together words in a way that touches the hearts of others. This gift of ours is meant to be shared! We never know who will be blessed by our story, let’s be faithful to tell it.”

Interview #4 with Elsie: “I deeply believe that being vulnerable within a loving Christian community leads to healing and wholeness. I don’t believe in keeping shameful secrets – they only fester and poison our spirits.”

Interview #5 with Latoya:Make friends with other bloggers. Don’t view them as competition because we can always learn from each other.”

Interview #6 with Emelda: “I believe one of the most important things we can contribute as both believers and writers is to show up with our authenticity and heart. Imagine you’re talking to a good friend as you write. This makes your work relatable, and our readers respond to us when we are unafraid to walk in our truth.”

Interview #7 with Simone: There are a lot of blogs out there, but so many specialize in ridiculousness. We must MUST add our voices to help quiet the noise, and share hope.”

All of these gems point towards compassion. Christian writers and bloggers cannot keep their words hidden or their laptops closed. With all of the brutality in this world, we have to share our hearts. We have to yearn to comfort, pray, and write for the bruised ones. Sometimes, we are the bruised ones, and we are basically writing for ourselves.

I thank God for two years of afrotasticlady. Two years of introspective and quirky musings. Two years of writing the things that hurt me but provide solace to others. Two years of fellowship. And two years of striving to blog in His light!

And thank you so much to all of my readers and subscribers for hanging out with me. I appreciate you, beautiful ones! Your comments and your support motivate me to keep writing!

Deuces, Monica aka afrotasticlady

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6 thoughts on “Blog Series: Blogging in His Light, 2nd Blogoversary

  1. Congrats on reaching your two year anniversary! I’m so blessed to have met you. Your kind and compassionate spirit is evident even though we have never met in person. I pray that God will use your writing to bless many. I look forward to reading your book in the near future 🙂 and meet you one of these days. Blessings

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    • Aww…thanks so much Latoya! You are so kind. Your comments gave me such joy! 🙂 Ditto; I’m glad we met as well. If I ever make it to Jamaica, I’ll have to let you know. I pray the same for you. I hope that God continues to use your writing too. I am encouraged by the depth of your relationship with God! Keep walking with Him and keep sharing your journey with us! God bless you sis!

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  2. Whoo Hoo celebrate, 2 years of sharing love and light. So glad to have recently found you. Grateful for your giving heart in sharing this special celebration by highlighting others. Looking forward to visiting you again.

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    • Hey Tyra! Thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate the lovely comments and support! I’m glad that you found me and took the time to read this post. It feels great to have folks wishing me congrats on 2 years of blogging. I’m thrilled I made it this far! 🙂


  3. Congrats again! I’m reading some of the interviews now and I love it! Continue sharing hope and the light of Christ on your blog! Cheers to many, many more years of creativity and sharing your gift with the world!

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    • Hey Cassandra! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m excited that you liked the interviews. I enjoyed doing the interviews with so many fabulous bloggers. Thank for you the well wishes! I hope to keep blogging for several years! 🙂


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