Blog Series: Blogging in His Light, Interview #7

Interview _7

(Friends, my seventh and last interview is with M. Simone Boyd. I found Simone’s blog at some point last year, and I eventually connected with her over Twitter. I admire Simone for her commitment to her calling as writer. She pursues her writing in various forms such as film scripts and newspaper articles. Since I hope to publish books someday, I was excited to hear about Simone’s efforts towards her novel. Simone has also been in the blogging game for years. With all of the blog posts that she writes, she makes sure to stop by the blogs of others. I have been encouraged by her warm comments on my blog. Hence, I am excited to feature Simone on the blog for the first time. And please stay tuned for the conclusion to the Blogging in His Light Series this Saturday! Blessings, Monica aka afrotasticlady)

1. Monica aka afrotasticlady: I find it interesting that your brother’s wedding propelled your blogging journey. With all of the transitions that have occurred in your own life, what makes you keep blogging?

Simone: Without a doubt, the sense of community has kept me going.

Knowing that I was not alone in my worries about my younger brother getting hitched before me, made me feel like ‘oh, I can share and my sisters will share with me and we’re all together in our sense of wondering about the future.’

Now, that I’m married and on this creative path…I’ve found that there is still a strong sense of community. And I can help connect women to each other. Nothing gives me more fuel to keep going, than getting an email from a sister saying “I’ve had the same struggle and it gives me hope to see how the Lord answered you.” That’s what encourages me to be honest and share the highs and very lows (rejection, facing uncertainty, etc.)

2. M: Labels are tricky and sometimes people would rather stay away from them. Would you describe yourself as a blogger, a Christian blogger, or both?

S: I had to put my thinking cap on for this one, Monica! You know, I really don’t consider myself a blogger. I’m a writer.

Blogging is my most consistent medium. Last year, I wrote a short film on fatherhood and wrote for a newspaper. I have a novel coming out in a few weeks. And I’m currently working on another short film and a play. Also, I’m just not consistent enough with my social media to be a real blogger. I don’t even have a smartphone!

Regarding my faith, I really like what Jamia said earlier “My faith can’t help but permeate everything that I do, so given the opportunity to write about the things on my heart, naturally topics relating to the practical application of my faith are typically the central message I attempt to communicate.” I agree 100 percent.

3. M: You seem to blog a lot about family-related topics.  What do you love most about blogging?

S: Again, I think it boils down to the sense of community. I love reading comments, commenting on the blogs of others, and just getting to share/learn what God is teaching us on this path.

I see the breakdown of the family unit as the root cause of all our societal ills. And I’m grateful that the Lord has allowed me to use my keyboard to share hope and solutions.

4. M: There are so many diverse blogs on the internet. Why do you think it is important for Christians to add their voice to the blogosphere?

S: Hope.

There are a lot of blogs out there, but so many specialize in ridiculousness. We must MUST add our voices to help quiet the noise, and share hope.

5. M: I have noticed that writers can sometimes have difficulties promoting themselves. How do you think writers can overcome this challenge?

S: Ugh. I am totally the wrong person to ask this, because I am the worst.

But I like what another blogger you interviewed shared: seek to solve a problem. When we focus on that, we’re sharing solutions and pointing people to what God has done/is doing.

6. M: You have been blogging for several years. What advice or encouragement do you have for Christians who are new to blogging?

S: Keep. On. Writing.

I’ve been on this path for six years, and I go through ebbs and flows. But one of my mentors told me “the best way to become a better writer is to keep writing.”

It wasn’t the exactly the magic potions I was looking for…but it’s worked for me. When I look back on posts from 2010 to now, I can’t help but be grateful for the growth.

M: Simone, thank you so much! I appreciated everything you just shared.

S: Monica, you are one of my very favorite online friends. You are so generous and I consider it a gift to be included in your series. So. Thank you, Sis!

M Simone Boyd - Head Shot

What makes relationships, marriages and families thrive or die? That’s what M. Simone Boyd explores. Whether it’s academic research shared as creative non-fiction, a novel, or a workshop…Simone tells stories. In the past two years, she’s written 46 freelance articles and a boatload of blogposts. Because she is dedicated to finding solutions for the chaos we see erupting on the nightly news. She aspires to blog regularly at and aspires to tweet regularly @msimoneboyd.  

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