Blog Series: Blogging in His Light, Interview #1

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(I am very excited about my first interview with Nicole of and When I first started blogging, I was eager to find other Christian bloggers to read. Nicole was one of the bloggers that I found. I loved how much she talked about her walk with Christ. I also discovered that she was passionate about helping other Christians heal from heartbreak. After you read our interview, I urge you to check out her blog and her author site. Blessings, Monica aka afrotasticlady.)

Monica aka afrotasticlady: You have been blogging for several years. What made you start blogging?

Nicole: In a word: Jesus. Jesus made me blog LOL. And I mean made. I had no intention of blogging. Ever. Initially I was reading blogs during downtime at work. I have always loved reading and I realized I really loved reading other people’s stories. Then all of a sudden I could hear the Holy Spirit prompting me to start my own blog. I was so adamant that I did not want to do something that was not from God so I refused. But His prompting became stronger and stronger to where I could no longer deny what He was saying. So I finally obeyed and I’m so glad I did!

M: Labels are tricky and sometimes people would rather stay from them. Would you describe yourself as a blogger, a Christian blogger, or both?

N: I would say a Christian blogger simply because my blog blatantly talks about my spiritual journey. The name itself (His Love is Better Than Wine) is based on a scripture (Song of Solomon 1:2). I have actually desired to have a less openly spiritual blog site but I cannot get away from what He has called me to. He has called me to be openly spiritual in my writing.

M: You blog consistently about your personal journey with God. What do you love most about blogging?

N: I love that blogging is healing and therapeutic. It is an outlet for my deepest longings and feelings. I have went through some hard times and blogging has helped to heal me from deep pain while going through them. I also love the spiritual insight God gives through my writing. Often I don’t know the answer until I write it. He speaks through my writing and I love the revelation that comes when He does that.

M: There are so many diverse blogs on the internet. Why do you think it is important for Christians to add their voice to the blogosphere?

N: Our words have power and if we are walking with God than we are speaking words of life and truth. We can change the atmosphere with our words and with our writing. He is the Word. We are releasing Him when we share our words.

M: Do you have any advice or encouragement for Christians who are new to blogging?

N: Just speak from your heart and let it flow. God will reward your faithfulness and obedience. You never know how He will use you to help others by you telling your story! Also, if you want to develop in writing, read and write a lot! You can of course take workshops and classes but just reading and practicing writing has helped me so much! I never would have guessed that blogging would be the beginning of my writing career but just taking one step of faith can lead to a series of open doors!

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Nicole is the author of “How to Overcome Heartbreak: Recovering From Misguided Love”. She loves God, her family and writing and expresses those interests frequently on her blog She desires to see her generation walk in healing, wholeness and restoration as she herself walks in the same. You can follow her on Twitter: @OvrcmeHrtbrk & @strgtower7, on Instagram: @htohb and Facebook: How To Overome Hearbreak: Recovering From Misguided Love. More information can be learned by visiting

10 thoughts on “Blog Series: Blogging in His Light, Interview #1

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  2. I was so intrigued by the idea that Nicole tried to avoid blogging but God pretty much “made” her do it! That makes me really excited to go check out her blog. Great interview, blessings to you both!

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    • Hey Elsie! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. It’s so interesting how we can try to avoid God’s calling, but His voice just gets louder and louder. I’m glad that Nicole listened to God’s voice and finally took the plunge into the blogosphere! Her voice is needed! And I so hope you are able to check out her blog. You will be encouraged by her personal journey! Thank you again and God bless you! 🙂


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  4. Good stuff! I too have found that writing leads to revelation a lot of times. Sometimes I can pray for answers and His answers are revealed through my thought process when I’m writing. It’s truly amazing. Also, writing is definitely therapeutic. I feel so much better after I’ve gotten it all out.

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    • Thanks so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the interview. I can relate to finding God’s revelations in my writing. He definitely knows how to speak to writers, and He uses our writing to speak to us and others. 🙂


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