It has been a while since I’ve written an entry, and I have missed writing. This month, I have been extremely busy and overwhelmed! The school/work balance is no joke. As they say, the struggle is real. Or as I say, the struggle is really real!

In my mind, I have quit school and work several times. I have told myself, “I’m just going to stop” or “I can’t do this.” I have asked myself, “Why am I doing this?” At the same time, I hear “You can do this,” and “Remember that you’re heading towards the letters-MSW/LICSW.”  I hear so much encouragement from God, family, friends and colleagues that I cannot stop. It is not in me to quit. One of my best and worst traits is that I have high expectations for myself. I am stubborn and determined to do well at tasks. Although it is important to complete your best work, it is also important to rest.

So..this is my challenge:

1. Be patient with myself . I am still a newbie at work and school, and I need to allow myself to continue to learn. I am not Superwoman, and I am going to make mistakes.

2. I must acknowledge that I am truly busy. I am taking three grad classes and working 40 hours a week. I have been told that grad school is a beast on its own, and then I added working full-time onto it.

3. I need to applaud my accomplishments. Ex. I have gotten A’s on all of my papers so far! Woohooo!!!

4. I need to be honest with family and friends. I truly love y’all, but if you do not hear or see me for a while, I am not purposely ignoring you. I am merely juggling everything and feeling crazy busy. At some point, I will spend time with you. Call/text me in 3 years…I’m just kidding. I will make time for you, but please be patient with me!

5. I must remember that I have been through challenging life moments before, and that God will carry me through this one. Ex. God pushed me through the illness and death of my sister so He’s got me now.

6. WELLNESS…I hear this word at work and school. I have to practice self-care. It is okay to have fun or just breathe for a minute.

Essentially, I need to praise God more, be patient with myself, and be honest with others. I am grateful that I have God, music, family, friends, and colleagues as supports. When I am stressed out of my mind and driving to work or school, I have random conversations with God. Music, especially worship music, cheers me up. And family, friends, and colleagues listen to my venting sessions.

#survivegradschool #Igotthis #Ilikehashtags

By the way, please listen to this song by one of my favorite Christian rappers, Andy Mineo. Like I said, music cheers me up. Sometimes, you just need to hear something hype after a long or stressful day.

2 thoughts on “#SurviveGradSchool

  1. Hey Lady! I’m glad I took a minute away from concert preparations to check out your blog! I so appreciate your self awareness! It really is a blessing to be able to locate yourself & to be able to be honest with what challenges you are facing! Congrats on your accomplishments – you have 1 friend who I know of who will remind you to celebrate them & to reward yourself ;-)! You definitely have a lot on your plate, & I’m looking forward to chatting with you in 3 years (better see you before that, chic :-P) about how you go through “the struggle.” Keep up the good work. I like hashtags too…

    #Proudofyou #WhyHaventYouReturnedMyLastText #Loveyouanyway
    #SeeyouonSunday #Woohoo!

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