December 2016’s 6 Grateful Things List


Hey, hey! It’s the last day of 2016, and I had to post this month’s gratitude vlog. I hope that you are able to not only reflect on what you are grateful for this month, but to reflect on the blessings you received in 2016. Have a healthy and fabulous New Year, friends!


    Selfie at Needtobreathe concert (11/2016)


Monica aka afrotasticlady

November’s 6 Grateful Things List


Hey friends! I wanted to release November’s 6 Grateful Things List before Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but I don’t think it gets the attention it deserves. For example, Christmas music is already playing. Y’all, I love Christmas music, but it’s too early for all of that. Anywho, I’m excited that I have been doing these gratitude lists for a year now! Woot woot! Thank you so much for watching my quirky antics and reflections on gratitude!

I believe in striving to be grateful all year long, but I encourage you to set some time over the holiday weekend to write your own “6 Grateful Things List.” Please feel to jot down whatever comes out of your head. It’s important to be grateful for the things that you deem as small, as those blessings often lead to bigger blessings.  Have a blessed and restful Thanksgiving!

BTW, I have enclosed a random picture of Spanish rice and beans with chicken. Please watch the video in order to learn more about my adoration for this dish. 🙂


Monica aka afrotasticlady



September’s 6 Grateful Things List


(Hey y’all! It’s the end of the month, and it’s time for me to talk about what I’m grateful for. Please join in the fun and let me know what awesome things you have experienced this month. Also, I wanted to give y’all a heads up that I won’t be posting on the blog again until the end of October. I usually post twice a month, but I will only be posting once instead. Blessings, Monica aka afrotasticlady)

August’s 6 Grateful Things List

August's Grateful Things List

(Happy Wednesday, y’all! As you will see, this month’s edition of the grateful things list was shot on the beach. Also, I enlisted the assistance of my friend to be my videographer. So, if you hear hints of laughter, that’s her. Thanks to JH for holding my phone so I did not have to awkwardly do so. 🙂  Please don’t forget to let me know you are grateful for this month. I would love to hear about the good things that God has done for you! Blessings, Monica aka afrotasticlady)

July’s 6 Grateful Things List

July's Grateful Things List

Happy Friday, y’all! Thank you to those readers who have kept up with the “Blogging in His Light” series. I have loved showing you the beautiful and gifted faith writers/bloggers that exist on the web. More interviews are coming in August! But let’s get to the grateful things list! As usual, please let me know what you are grateful for this month! Blessings, Monica aka afrotasticlady



May’s 6 Grateful Things List

May's Grateful Things List

Welcome, friends! As usual, I hope you will join me in this conversation about gratitude. Please let me know what you are grateful for in the comments section.

I would love to direct you to one of my blogger buddies, Mia, who highlights the concept of gratitude in her daily Periscopes and on her blog, One Grateful Me.  Please encourage her by checking out her Biblically inspired writing.

Additionally, I am excited that Emelda and I will be hosting our second #WomenCreativesChat on Twitter. We enjoyed chatting about creativity and how to make space for it in our schedules. During this next chat, we will discuss how creativity can aid us in our healing from emotional pain. Please look at the flyer and my vlog for more information.

Keep on the lookout for the special edition of my gratitude vlog next month as it is my birthday month. Woot woot! I’m a June baby and I’m also turning #clean30. I’m not a fan of the phrase #dirty30.  Hehe. Anyways, that vlog will be about that one thing versus six things. Be blessed!

2nd Twitter Chat

April’s 6 Grateful Things List

April Grateful Things List

Hey there! Welcome to the April edition of “My 6 Grateful Things List!” In this vlog, I mentioned M. Simone Boyd’s post: “The Problem with Ignoring the Still Small Voice”. Please listen to her wise words.

Also, my blogger buddy, Emelda, and I will be hosting our very first Twitter chat on Wednesday, April 27th at 8pm EST!  If you’re on Twitter, feel free to tweet it up with us. We want women to share their challenges in making time for their creative interests. Please check out the following flyer and my vlog for more details. Blessings, y’all!

Twitter Chat


March’s 6 Grateful Things List

March Grateful Things List

 Hey, hey friends! I enjoy sharing my “6 grateful things list” with you each month! Thank you so much for watching and letting me know what you are grateful for. In this video, I highlighted worship music as one of my grateful things!  Please check out inspirational music by some of my favorite artists: Bethel Music, Travis Greene , and my friend/sister in Christ, Jessi Hughes!

Don’t forget to let me know what is on your gratitude list this month!

Blessings, afrotasticlady