Blog Series: Dear Little Sis, BP’s Letter

My third and final letter is to BP! If you need to catch up on the series, please read the Introduction to the Series, the letter to G, and the letter to JS.

Blog Series_ Dear Little Sis, BP's Letter

Dear Little Sis, BP:

I haven’t known you as long as G and JS. You and your family moved up North from Virginia about eight months ago. I’m sure it was a challenge to leave your school, friends, and church. You had to get acquainted with new surroundings. Besides going away to college, I have always lived in the same city. If my parents had moved me away while I was in high school, I would have been displeased, but I would have accepted the transition.

For a while, I felt concerned about how you were getting acclimated. I hadn’t actually talked to you that much, but I wondered if you felt isolated. I wanted you, JS, and G to become friends. JS and G were buddies while you were the “new kid.” Eventually, you all connected at a youth event at our church. We had an alternative to Halloween party. You G, and JS dressed up in goofy costumes. We ate junky food like pizza, chips, and candy. We played charades and a few fierce rounds of musical chairs where you pushed me out of a chair. Ouch…you were determined to win! For the next couple of weeks, we joked about your ruthlessness.

Little sis, I marvel at your boldness! In the fall, I went out with you, your mom, and other women at the church to pray with folks on the streets. Some people accepted Christ while others received prayer for their needs. At seventeen years old, I was more concerned about getting a boyfriend than praying with someone. Though, you approached folks you did not even know and encouraged them to grasp the beauty of Christ!

I recently discovered your love for “Oceans” by Hillsong United. At our church, most people listen to old school or contemporary gospel. So, I screamed when you talked about that song, and we chatted about other Christian artists. I informed you about Needtobreathe and Bethel Music while you educated me on Britt Nicole.

In my letters to G and JS, I gave them guidance on three topics. I will continue in the same pattern with you!

Identity: You were created by God! And since God is marvelous and powerful, you possess those same qualities. If others folks call you plain or insignificant, you can claim the Word: “For we are God’s masterpiece, He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago (Ephesians 2:10).

Dating/Love: When you begin to intentionally date, please be yourself! If you snort when you laugh or you like to binge watch Disney movies, do not hide that from a man. Little sis, he needs to love your authentic self! A man that loves God will appreciate your beauty as well as your flaws! He will pray with you when you are crumbling and cover you in Bible verses.

Creativity: Like G and JS, you are multitalented. You play the violin as well as dance. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of your liturgical dances yet. I have always desired to minister in dance, so I hope you can choreograph something for me in the future. Little sis, don’t let your creativity die. Finally, I am learning to invest in my writing. To write even when I don’t feel like it or when I don’t think I have anything magnificent to say. I have used excuses to not write. I have told myself that my writing isn’t as stylish as my peers. But I know that I write in my own way, and that God placed this passion in me. I pray that you do not stop playing the violin, because you do not sound like your idol.

Little sis, your creativity has purpose! God can use what looks like trash to you to speak to someone else.

Little sis, you are caring! When service has ended, you ask me how I am doing or if I have written any poems lately. I am grateful for your encouragement.

When you have some free time, look up BarlowGirl on Youtube. They are a Christian band with a rock-like sound. They don’t record music anymore, but their old music videos are online. I used to love their music, and I think you would enjoy them. In their song “I Need You To Love Me,” they sing about how God’s love impacts them! I will leave you with some of the lyrics:

“Your love makes me forget what I have been

Your love makes me see who I really am

Your love makes me forget what I have been”

“I Need You To Love Me” by BarlowGirl


Monica aka afrotasticlady



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