April’s 6 Grateful Things List

April Grateful Things List

Hey there! Welcome to the April edition of “My 6 Grateful Things List!” In this vlog, I mentioned M. Simone Boyd’s post: “The Problem with Ignoring the Still Small Voice”. Please listen to her wise words.

Also, my blogger buddy, Emelda, and I will be hosting our very first Twitter chat on Wednesday, April 27th at 8pm EST!  If you’re on Twitter, feel free to tweet it up with us. We want women to share their challenges in making time for their creative interests. Please check out the following flyer and my vlog for more details. Blessings, y’all!

Twitter Chat


8 thoughts on “April’s 6 Grateful Things List

  1. First, let me say that, it blesses my soul that you recognized the still small voice. Sometimes, it’s hindsight. Lord knows, it’s happened to me more times than I care to admit. But it’s all apart of the growing process, right?!

    Second, gurrrl! I was cracking up through the entire video i.e. self-love, SELF-LOVE, not like I’m 80 or something, I know I look like I’m 12, and grad school senioritis. Can’t wait to meet you in person one day soon! And thank you so much for sharing the video and the shout out.

    Peace and Blessings, Simone

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    • Hey Simone! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂 Yes, listening and actually following God’s voice is definitely a process. 🙂 Aww…love your comments too! Hehe! I use the “I know I look like I’m 12” line a lot. Yesss, I can’t wait to meet you too someday ! We need a Christian bloggers reunion.. 🙂 No problem about the shout out!


  2. Hey Monica! I enjoyed your little thankfulness vlog! 😀 Rend Collective is awesome, congrats on getting your intern hours, and on almost being 30! Woohoo! Lessseeee…I’m grateful for 1. Caffeine when you really need it. 2. Cute clothes that bring out the artistic side in us ladies. 3. A husband who ain’t perfect but who loves Jesus and has a kind heart. 4. Smart, motivated women to connect with and learn from! 5. Dark chocolate. 6. Good books by intelligent Christians.

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    • Hey Elsie! Thanks so much for stopping by and watching my vlog. I appreciate it lots! 🙂 Thank you; I’m excited that I finished another year of grad school and that I will be turning 30 soon. And I love LOVE your gratitude list .You really can’t go wrong with coffee and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is one of my favorites. Cute/ artsy clothes are a must. And I’m so thrilled to hear that you have been blessed with a husband that is God fearing. Having God in your marriage is so critical! 🙂


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