An Introduction to the Blog Series: Dear Little Sis

An Introduction to Blog Series_ Dear Little Sis

Growing up, I desired to have a little sister. The thirteen plus year age gap between my siblings and I felt overwhelming. Of course, I loved my siblings but their lives were different. While I played with Barbies and watched Nickelodeon, they went to work or raised their own children. Fortunately, I do remember hangouts with my sister Wanda, before illness struck her body.

Currently, I view three teenage girls at my church as my “little sisters.” In the morning, I teach Sunday School to two of them. I make the theme relatable to them by plugging in “hip” lingo or an animated YouTube video into the lesson. Since I am not fond of lecturing, I ask many questions. I ask the girls to define words and to tell me who God is. We talk about big topics such as sin, repentance, and obeying God’s will for our lives. These girls chew on these Biblical truths and respond to me as though they are ministers-in-training.

When service starts, the third teenager joins us. All three girls sit behind me and they engage me in their antics. Sometimes, they poke or punch my arm. When I look back, they point fingers at each other.  I also hear the usual question, “Monica, do you have a pen?” They never seem to have a pen, but I let them borrow it.

After the service, they continue to mess with me. They repeatedly say “hi.” I grin and block out their voices.

Sisters are annoying yet sweet to each other.

These girls probably don’t know it, but they are my sweet sisters. I want them to pursue what they love. Whether it is playing the piano or the violin, I pray that they embrace their talents.

I hope that they continue to serve God, even when it’s not the most popular route to be on.

In April and May, I will be writing letters to my “little sisters.” I am thankful to writer/blogger/creative, Lindsey Andrews, who has an empowering series of letters  for girls and young women on her blog!  Lindsey shares wonderful tips on self-love and identity. I was captured by her advice and felt led to share encouragement for my girls.

If you were to write a letter to one of your “little sisters,” what would you say? I would love to hear your answers, and I hope you are able to join me on this upcoming series!


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12 thoughts on “An Introduction to the Blog Series: Dear Little Sis

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  3. Those girls are sooooo lucky you have you as a sister! Reading this, I am reminded of my prayer time a couple of weeks ago, when God asked me to mentor some young ladies doing their masters degrees here in Geneva. I had been a mentor in the past when I was in colleges, but I was surprised that in my busiest season, is what God wants me to do! But I said yes, and it’s been such a blessing so far!!!!! It’s sooo important for us to give back. These letters are everything!

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    • Awww…thank you for saying that the girls are lucky to have me as a sister. I am blessed to have them as sisters. It’s so interesting how God can put you in a mentor role when you feel like you may be too busy or may not have it all together. I still have a lot to work on, but I hope that I can be an encouragement to the girls. I think that is so fabulous that you are mentoring these young women in Geneva! I know you are such a positive and strong influence in their lives.

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      • Awww thank you so much for that sis!!!!!!!! The encouragement is much appreciate, cause like you said, it’s when you have all these things going on, that God is like MENTOR! And you’re like for real though?? hahahah. But it’s so worth it:)

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