My 6 Grateful Things List

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Thank you so much to everyone who read my short story “6 o’clock Movements.” I enjoy writing short stories, and I am thinking about occasionally putting short stories on my blog. And if you haven’t checked  out “6 o’clock Movements” in its entirety, please head on over to the first part and read it until the fourth and last part.

Also, I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, and that you didn’t eat too much turkey,ham, chicken, or whatever your favorite holiday meat was. I didn’t get to post my list of things that I am grateful for, so I decided that I would do that now. Here is my 6 grateful things list in vlog form. Don’t pay attention to me when I say 5 grateful things. It is 6, y’all!  I forgot how to count. 🙂

And special shout out to two lovely bloggers that I mentioned in the vlog: His Love Is Better Than Wine and I Kissed My Date Goodnight. Please check these blogs out.  Thank you to the many other bloggers that I read. I may not have mentioned you, but I appreciate your work. Blessings, afrotasticlady

6 thoughts on “My 6 Grateful Things List

  1. Thanks for sharing. Don’t quit school. You will make it. School is hard, but two of the greatest life lessons is going through adversity (as you already know) and getting up after failure. That isn’t to say you will fail any course, but so what if you do? It would be a great experience in the long run. Keep up the hard work. You will never regret an education. Xx

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    • Hey Tania! Aww..thanks so much for stopping by and for reading. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I agree with you! The hardest things in life yield a great reward. I’m thankful for the hard things and for the support of God, family, and friends! Be blessed! 🙂

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    • You definitely should! I love writing and reading short stories. Though, I really need to getting moving to writing a novel. That’s one of my dreams. That’s so awesome that you’re writing a novel. Happy writing! 🙂


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