Jessi Hughes: Hope, Faith, & Music!

Last fall, I attended a live concert by my friend and sister in Christ, Jessi Hughes! I’ve been friends with Jessi for a few years now, and I have been blessed by her support in my life. I hate to be cliche, but there are those friends who you know that you were meant to meet. I’m glad that I know her, and that I have the opportunity to watch her grow as a person and an artist!

Jessi is a beautiful, encouraging woman who loves God. I saw this love all over her face as she sung to Him at her concert last fall. I believe that God has given her the gift of singing, so she can uplift others. I felt uplifted when I heard some of her own handwritten songs. As a writer myself, I recognize when someone has poured everything out of them to create a song. Jessi exemplifies this quality in her songs.

Music is Jessi’s medium to help others. I feel that most people innately want to help others, and that they have a certain way that they show it. Some people use science or law to serve others, while others may use art! Jessi is an artist, and with God’s guidance, she creates art. With God, she shapes words into songs, so that others can feel empowered! It’s her mission that others will know that God is real! She desires for others to know that God can heal physical and emotional wounds!

I am very excited for Jessi as she will be launching her EP in the fall. Right now, she’s actually running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the album. I ask you to please, please check out her website and support this lovely young woman. I will attach her website at the end of this blog for you to review.ย  Before you head off to the site, I would like to tell you a little bit about Jessi.

Since childhood, Jessi has been singing. Although, Jessi states that she dreamed of being an archaeologist,ย  God directed her towards singing. She is thankful that she listened to God and chose music over excavations. Besides God and family, music is one of her passions!

Due to numerous musical influences, Jessi’s music is eclectic. Jessi loves the sound of Southern blues and soul, and gained this love from her dad’s Southern origins. Jessi’s mom is from Ghana, West Africa, and she enjoys the vibrant rhythms of that music. And Jessi is a fan of pop/R&B singer Mariah Carey and praise and worship singer, Terry Clark! I have to mention that Jessi likes electronica too.ย  All of these musical influences are mixed up in a wonderful, inspirational package! Her upcoming CD will display God’s love and power in a soulful and funky manner!

Throughout her life, Jessi has experienced joys and challenges! In those times where her heart and skin were cracked, God applied His medicine on her! As Jessi’s friend, I know that she is a compassionate person, and wants all to experience the same hope that she has experienced! Jessi’s hope is in Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Jessi Hughes: Hope, Faith, & Music!

  1. Thank you so much, Afrotastic lady! I’m honored that you wrote about me, & so happy for our friendship! Keep writing ๐Ÿ™‚ – looking forward to seeing what God does through you! Lots of love & blessings!

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