116 in Beantown: Conclusion

After our THIRD meeting with Lecrae and Andy Mineo, we waited outside of House of Blues for the doors to open. We weren’t playing around about having a good view of the stage.  Fortunately, we met up with N again who brought his friend J (or I’ll call JJ to distinguish from the other J). N had a VIP ticket, so he was able to save us some space that was close to the stage. The concert was FABULOUS! I’ve been to a lot of concerts, but I can put that concert in my top five list. Christian rap has that ability to give you a good beat and make you self-reflect. I was blessed, and I did not want the music to stop playing. I am glad that I spent the day with J and E, and met some new folks: N and JJ. Look at two awesome videos of the concert below.  Warning: I am yelling and acting up. 🙂

One thought on “116 in Beantown: Conclusion

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