116 in Beantown Part 2

Last time, I told y’all about running into Lecrae and Andy Mineo at Shake Shack. After, J,E, N and left Shake Shack, we went into different directions. N had to go somewhere before the concert, so J, E and I decided to walk to House of Blues. Before we started walking there, J mentioned that her phone needed to be charged. E suggested that we find an Apple store. At first, J was hesitant but then decided it would be best to go to the store. We were probably there for exactly 20-25 minutes and left once E and J’s phones were charged. Well, we were surprised again. Check out the video below with someone obviously photo bombing,or maybe I should say video bombing me:

As you can see, I couldn’t believe we saw them a third time. I thought that I had just saw Lecrae, but the girls told me that Andy Mineo was there too. By this point, we were pretty excited and having one of the best days ever!

Stay tuned for some highlights from the concert!

Blessings y’all.


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