Natural Hair Dilemma

I have been thinking about cutting my funky, thick 4C hair. Although I love my natural hair, it is becoming problematic to maintain lately. As you know, I have been working full-time and going to grad school part-time. As I deal with church, school and work responsibilities, I think about my hair as the last priority. My 4C hair SHOULD NOT be the last priority.

I used to keep my hair in pretty two strand twist updos. I had the time to look at YouTube videos and to experiment with my hair. Now, my head of tight curls is being neglected. 😦

So, this neglect makes me wonder about cutting my hair. I have noticed that a lot of natural gals are running to the hair salon or barber and cutting their hair short. Many of these ladies are rockin’ hair cuts where there is a bit of fade, but they are maintaining some length on top. I’m not sure if I am explaining the style correctly, but it’s a mixture of cute/chic/funky.

I already have a running PROS/CONS list in my head:


1. I do not have a boo boo, which means I do not have to worry if a guy does not want me to cut my hair or not. Unfortunately, some women think about hair styles in relation to their boyfriend’s hair likes/dislikes. And yes, I tend to be one of those women. Since I am afrostastically single, I do not have to impress anyone. Regardless, I should not allow anyone to dictate my hair choices. Point is …no boo boo=no worries. Yesss!

2. I can actually wash and go. My hope is that I will be able to wash my hair, throw some product in it, and run out the door.

3. It won’t take me forever to detangle my hair. Again, my hope is that I won’t spend 8,000 years trying to detangle my hair. With shorter hair, it will be much easier…I hope.


1. I have had short hair before, and it was not as easy to maintain as  I thought it would be. My hair was relaxed at the time, which may have caused the difficulties.

2. Since I already look like I am 12 years old, do I want to look like I am 6 years old? I have one of those baby faces which makes people think that I am teenager. I am actually in my late 20s, but no one ever guesses my age correctly. Will short hair make me look extra baby face?

3. Will I have to maintain this hair cut every few months at the hair salon or barber? I have not had the best hair experiences in hair salons, and I really do not want to deal with the headache of something going wrong.

4. I will miss wearing my hair in an AFRO! I loooove my ‘fro when I actually unleash it. I won’t have a ‘fro anymore if I cut it short.

Should I cut my hair or leave it be? Look at the link below, as it shows the style that I am thinking about.  And I do not wear weaves or braids as both styles will irritate my scalp. So, anyone have any advice/suggestions? In the meantime, I am going to think and pray about it.

-Blessings, y’all!

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