Afrotastically Single

I am going there. I have a proclamation! Please open up your eyes really, really wide. I am afrotastic and single. Nope, I didn’t just get out of a horrible relationship. There is no man to complain about. I decided to try to limit my moaning about my single status.

And for all of my single, beautiful, intelligent female comrades out there: I know how excruciating it can be to open up your Facebook page and see another marriage or baby update. It’s not that you’re not excited for that old college friend, but you begin to wonder when it will be your time.

Time can feel so pesky. It can feel like there’s a loud clock ticking inside your head! You think, “I am this age and still single. Good grief.”

I need to stop saying “Good grief,” because obviously it is not my time yet. I’ve always hated it when folks said that to me, “It’s just not your time.” Those folks are usually in serious relationships or married with kids, which makes it difficult to take their words seriously. Now, I understand the meaning behind their words. Here are my reasons for the change in attitude:

1. I want to better myself, and I am actually doing this through attending graduate school. Although, I am busy and a little tired now, it’s easier to be single and going to graduate school than to be married with kids. It sounds cliche, but this is the time to explore the world.

2. I will not SETTLE! I wholeheartedly believe that God has an awesome, godly husband for me. I’m not going to waste emotions, time, or energy with counterfeits. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I have realized it is worth the wait because I am FANTABULOUS. And the man who finds me will find a FANTABULOUS lady!

Yes, I know it sounds idealistic and even strange to wait for a husband. Obviously, I am not going to marry someone on the first date. I believe you have to spend the time to get to know someone and  date them. For me, it is a conscious decision to pray and to wait for the man that pursues me. I expect that man to have really thought about me and consulted God about his next steps.

So until that moment comes, I’m going to live, live, and live!

-Blessings y’all!

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