Afrotastically Single: Part 2

Two blog posts in one day…what is going on? Apparently, I have more to say about this topic.

Afrotastic, single, fantabulous..this is me! I’m not trying to boast or anything. I just know that I am doing my own thang and loving it.Sometimes, single gal status is viewed as a problem, as something that needs to be fixed. This is based on the following questions I get from folks:

1. Have you tried online dating?

My response: Uh-huh…I’ve tried it, and I ain’t about that life.

2. Well, aren’t there any guys at your church?

My response: got jokes, huh?

Then, there are the awkward matchmaking situations:

1.Mama tries to be love guru, and I am thankful for her best intentions. But best intentions+mama=embarrassed me!

2. Friends/acquaintances introduce me to a cool, intelligent guy. Problem is, neither me or cool guy are interested in being matched with each other.

Sure, I appreciate the heartfelt and even clumsy attempts from family and friends to figure out my love life. But in my mind, singleness is not quite a social ill. And I really have bigger things to think up such as eating, sleeping, working full-time and attending graduate school part-time.

Yup, eating is my first priority as I can’t be messed with when I am hungry. I’m a mean gal on an empty stomach.


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