When Things Shift…

Things shift. In our lives, we experience struggle and mystery, but we also encounter transformation and love. In July 2013, my sister died from a long-term illness. That day was the worst and best day of my life. I lost a person that I loved dearly, and it broke me. But my sister received her miracle. She had  underwent so much suffering and was finally granted a time without it. God took her to Heaven.

When my sister died, I felt like someone took my heart out of my body and stomped on it. Heaviness followed me each day. I held onto Jesus in a way that I never held onto Him before. I needed His strength and guidance to live through the complexity of the situation. The blessing is that I survived the heartache. Indeed, I still think about her, but I hold her memories in my healed heart.

September 2014, I am in a Master’s of Social Work program. Last year, I was sobbing, and I felt like I was sleepwalking through life. Now, I am busy and balancing the demands of work and school. I am learning that I am much smarter than I know, that I am capable because of God’s strength. Today, one of the instructors told the class that we were accepted into this program, so we are capable enough to do it. I needed this revelation, as I had been thinking about how nervous I was about even being in grad school. I thought, “Do I even belong here?” Well, I do belong here, and I am eager to learn and change as a human being, as a human services professional, and as a Christian.

Things shift. From dark to light, from sadness to joy, I am experiencing the curves of life.

4 thoughts on “When Things Shift…

  1. Hey Afrotastic Lady! This is written so beautifully – I find so much depth in the simple ways which you shared the changes that have and currently are taking place in your life! The “curves of life” – so true…thank God for “beauty for ashes.” Sunny days feel so much better after the rain…

    Thank you for sharing this – it blesses me to hear your journey, & I’m looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you!


    • Hey, hey! Thanks again for reading this post and for commenting! I am grateful that you were blessed by it. I am also grateful for what God does in all of our lives. It is in those tough moments that we realize what we are made of. Are we going to trust God, or are we going to run away? I know the former is better than the latter choice.


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