Sounds+Words. Just sounds. Just words. Silence. This is music.

As with everything, God created music. Then human beings took these sounds and wrapped them up into their own expressions. I’m not a music teacher but I do love music. My family even jokes about how many CDs I own. Yes, I am one of those people that buys CDs.

I was raised in a Christian, and to be more specific, a Pentecostal household, where traditional hymns, Southern songs, and Contemporary Gospel tunes flooded me. My parents told me that everything else was “Devil music” and could not be listened to. Of course, I circumvented their orders. I remember kneeling on the floor, with my ear to the TV, listening to TRL and All That on low volume. I had to keep up with the latest jams.

My parents must have gotten less strict because at a certain point, I started listening to B2K, Jay Z, Aaliyah, and Avril Lavigne on my stereo. I was also listening to sounds that my parents could tolerate such as Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, and Mary Mary. What a mix of sounds!

Music surrounded me as I sang with Chorus in high school and hung out with my singer friends.

During college, I was introduced to new sounds such as Coldplay and Switchfoot. I continued to cling to Rap music as I danced to it at parties.

You want to hear something awesome, though? God spoke to me through music. During my first semester at college, I went to a Gospel concert held by one of the Christian fellowships. I left the concert, convicted! Once I got back to my dorm room, I had my parents pray the prayer of salvation with me over the phone. I was so excited and listened to more music in my room.

I know that music is effective. It’s heartfelt, beautiful, and encouraging. It’s loud, funky, quiet, and soft. Music can be a teacher. I’m sure you’ve listened to a song, whether spiritual or secular, that made you think deeper.

My all-time favorite song is “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke as it was written during a time where black folks needed to see change.

My favorite worship song right now is “Forever” by Kari Jobe as it chronicles the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! It shouts in my face that Jesus is alive! He is here and so ever present!

Music, the universal language, walks and even runs into the hands, feet, and mouths of human beings. They take music and make noise. Thank you Lord for music!





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