Who I Am…

Well..I decided to join the blogosphere! As I am a writer, I thought this may inspire me to write more. I also want to share random musings about God, love, and being afrotastic. So, let me give you a brief introduction of myself.

I love God, church, family, friends, children, people in general, coffee, chocolate, ice cream, food in general, justice, peace, vintage clothes, classic movies, historical black movies, Gospel music, Contemporary Christian music, Christian rap, concerts, festivals, writing, theater, the ocean, summer, singing, performing, and afros. I cannot forget about my love for natural hair.

I am a Christian, an awkward black girl, an introvert, an old soul, sweet yet spunky, timely, responsible, a thinker, a foodie, a reluctant leader, an advocate, a writer, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a cousin, and a friend.

This is who I am in a few descriptions. I strive to be a woman of God and a pleasant human being. I’m not perfect but I try to reflect on my failures and lean on  God for help.

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